Wednesday, July 8, 2009

I have not forgotten

I have not forgotten you all, I promise. It has been a bit nutty around here. You all know that I took the kids camping (see below for proof), we also went to a family reunion. Well, since coming home, we have been washing everything in site ( or so it seems). All of the blankets, pillows, clothes, stripping beds and doing all the linens. See, the weather here has been wonderful drying weather. As a matter of fact, my 4th of July consisted of doing laundry and working. No fireworks or picnics for me. I love the smell of clothes dried outside. What's even better, since there was no humidity, and a good breeze, and temps in the 80' was only taking 15-30minutes to dry the clothes, and soft to boot because of the breeze.

Since then, yesturday was hair cutting day. My mom and I took my younger twin for a hair cut. She hates to have her hair up, and the other one loves to wear it up in a ponytail. So, twin #2 got her hair cut to just above her sholders. It's real cute. I got a trim, and my mom has what she calls the worst haircut ever. She is not happy, and almost want's me to fix it. Then we came home and trimed twin #1's hair (just took off the ends), buzzed oldest son's hair, and mohawked youngest son's hair. I know...MOHAWK you say. Well, it's a modified mohawk. It looks more like a marine cut from the front, but a mohawk from the back. I figured that since he has been asking for months, and it is the summer, as long as it is a normal cut for school....let him have the mohawk. It makes him feel not worth the fight. Then, both me and my mom double teamed my sister and cut her hair. My sister has.....let's just say.....more hair than any 1 person should have, and no, it's is not long, just alot of it. I shaved the back and sides, just enough to make it look like a wedge in the back and just enough over the ears that it is cool. Then we started cutting. I would cut until I got tired, then my mom would cut, then me, then my mom. I would see a spot that needed cutting, cut it....and so it went for about 30minutes. Mind you, her hair was above her shoulders to begin with. Her hair is just so think and she has so much of it, that you can cut for hours without it looking like you have cut anything. Finially, we decided that stop, let her wash it, and see what it looks like after it was washed. Needless to looks good.

Well, gotta go, taking youngest and mom to Lowes.