Saturday, May 30, 2009

Does This Look Like 9yr Old?

My mom has the twins for less than a week, and look at the picture she sends me. She went on the plane in pig tails, and now high heels.....what's next?

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Poison Ivy....YUCK!

Getting poison ivy is the worse. I know first hand, as I am just getting over my first brush with it this year. Well, I just got back from taking my youngest, Danny, to the doctor as he had this small rash right under his eye. I knew he had some poison ivy around his ankles, forearms, and right around his chin. It's just that what was under his eye looked more like a bulls eye (ie Lymes). So, off to the doctor. If it was Lymes, he would need antibiotics, if it was poison ivy, then not good near his eyes. Turns out, Poison Ivy. Since he is still breaking out, and it is right under his eye, he is now on steroids. I am torn about the steroids. I hate having to give it to him, but don't want poison ivy rash in his eyes. Now, I have a hyper 6 yr old dancing all if he wasn't hyper enough. Oh how I hate Poison Ivy.....guess I just need to bite the bullet, wrap myself up head to toe and go pull it out....not my idea of fun.

Saturday, May 23, 2009

This date in History, more exactly 2000

This day 9 years ago, I was in the hospital 32 weeks 4 days pregnant and 3.5 cm dilated. I was on and IV of Mag Citrate that stopped the contractions, and being started on a SQ infusion of Terbutaline. I was on complete bed rest and would stay in the hospital until I delivered, hopefully 2-3 weeks away. It was not to be. Shortly after noon, I had a severe coughing fit, and thought that my water broke....needless to say it was not my water but just the foley cath not being put in the right place. The doctor came back to check me and low and behold, 4cm dilated, the point of no return. Given that it was twins and only 33.5 weeks, for safety of the babies, it would be a c-section. The doctor went back to his office to finish with the few patients he had in the office, and to cancel the remainder of the scheduled patients of the day. I called my husband at work, only to find that I could not get in touch with him. My mom was with me (she was with me all night), and we were all set to go, when my husband showed up just in time to get dressed (only after he finished his lunch....he made the doctor so mad that the doctor threatened to start without him) and go with me to the delivery room. I was so excited to finally see my babies. I was fine, until lying there in the delivery room I saw the ambu bags (bags used to breath for the babies if they weren't breathing on their own. That was when it all hit me, they are too early. I wanted to turn back, hold them in just a little longer. It was not to be. At 108pm, my first daughter was born with a healthy cry weighing 4lbs 12oz. At 109pm, my second daughter was born, also with a geed healthy cry and weighing in at 4lbs 9oz. The doctors checked over the girls, and then brought them to me to see them for a few seconds before they had to whisk them away to the NICU. I told my husband to go with the girls. He stayed with them and there I was lying in the OR waiting for the doctor to finish. I was them moved to the recovery room, where my mom sit waiting for me. It was a hour or 2 before she finally found out that I had the babies and they were fine, only after I told her. She to this day still talks about how she stayed with me all night long, and was the last to know or see the girls. See, as soon as it was decided that they would be delivered I called my dad and sister who rushed to the hospital with my then 15month old son. My dad and sister was present at the NICU window when the brought the girls in, so they got to see them. My poor mom was in the recovery room waiting for me, waiting for any information. I was then taken to my new room, on another floor as the girls. See, during that summer, there were 12 sets of different multiples on the books to be delivered, and at least 7 of them had delivered within that many tiny babies that they had 6 satellite NICUs set up around the hospital.
Six hours later, as soon as I was able, I jumped into a wheelchair and went down to spend some time with my girls.
Michelle/Elizabeth Happy Birthday girls. From 4lbs 9oz and 4lbs 12oz (respectfully) to over 80 lbs each. I love you both. My you have grown and are getting more beautiful everyday.

Friday, May 22, 2009

Busy, busy, busy....

Well, it's been a busy last couple of days. Yesterday, I was the school nurse yet again at my older 3 kids' school. After school, I took the 3 to the grocery store to pick up something for dinner. When we got home, I immediately got the chain saw out and proceeded to cut down 3 maple trees the wildly grew out of control. I know what you are thinking, why cut down a maple tree. Well, in these here parts, maples are almost like weeds. They are so prolific, and how they were growing was more dangerous than they were beneficial. They were growing at a 30-40 degree angle, and not straight. They were also growing at the corner of my fence, and starting to damage my fence. So, I proceeded to cut down the first, not a big deal. I was able to get it to drop exactly where I wanted it to drop. Then I cut down the next one, no real big deal there either, as it was just a sapling, but big enough that I needed the chain saw. Then I get to the last one. Problem! It was leaning in the direction of my clothes line. This is a huge deal, as I do use my clothes line almost exclusively in nice weather. (Hey, it saves $30-40/month using the sun power...I'll use that instead for those kind of savings) I decided that there was no way to cut down the last one, without taking out my clothes line. So I proceeded to take down the lines, hey, they needed to be tightened up anyway. After removing the lines, down the tree came. So, after downing the trees, they were cut up, and the kids helped to take the branches to the back of the property into the woods. After the tree clearing, we had a cookout for the girls' birthday. We had grilled hamburgers, baked beans, and chips. We ate outside on the picnic table. The kids had a blast, and the dog enjoyed the leftovers. After eating, I decided that since the maples were gone, that overgrown Burning Bush needed a haircut. All I can say it that it is NOT overgrown now. It may look terrible the remainder of this year, but next year it will look fantastic. There was a lot of dead wood that was removed. After bush pruning, off to eat ice cream cake and give the girls their birthday presents. They now know that they are going to grandma's in Florida for 3 weeks. They are so excited. The boys are a little upset, but understand that they have already been by themselves, and it is only fair.

Today has not been much calmer. Woke up to take the 3 oldest to their last day of school. Then, rushed back home to go out to breakfast with my youngest and grandma, before my doctor's visit for my ankle. After the doctor gave me the all clear (and explained a little more why I am having so much discomfort....he did more than I thought). We rushed back up to the school to pick up the kids from school. Since school let out at 11:30, we had to have lunch. Pizza at the local pizza parlor....yum. Back home to do more work. Chain saw back out, and more cutting. This time, I trimmed some branches of a magnolia tree that were too low. My mom and I also moved my composter closer to fence, since it can now be moved since everything is now so much neater and trimmer. We also planted a lavender plant, and some cannas. Used the weed whacker to do some trim, and washed a few loads of clothes. I started to use the chain saw and remove another tree (a dogwood that is half dead), but as I started I now know why it is half dead...carpenter ants. So I used the boric acid I have lying around and placed it into the tree where the ants were coming. I'll give the boric acid a few days to work and then down that tree too. I'm thinking of taking the kids out and wash my car in the next few minutes, but as I am sitting here, I think that I am starting to tire. Of course work is starting to call me(I don't start for at least 3 hrs yet) about setting up admissions for the weekend....looks like it's going to be a terrible weekend at work, oh joy.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009


Today was the awards assembly at school for my older 3 kids. Every student in the elementary school gets an award from their teacher to show them how special and unique they are. The teacher picks out one special trait of each child to highlight and to encourage each child to continue to that trait.

My oldest, Kenny got the Obedience Award from his teacher. This is quite a feat, considering his teacher is that teacher from school that everyone hated. The stickler for rules teacher. She expects certain behavior, and tolerates nothing less. After having her for the past year, Kenny has told me that he is so glad that he had her, because even though she might be strict, she was really fun. (Mind you, she has a room full of rambunctious 10yr old anytime you can walk past her room and it is so quiet a pin can drop and it can be heard, personally I completely understand her and her teaching methods, and the kids learn).

Twin #1....aka Elizabeth got the award for The Sincere Heart. The teacher wrote the following about Lizzy: Lizzy has such a generous heart. Her motives are always pure, and she tries very hard to always do the right thing. I appreciate her honesty and love for others. Not to bad in my opinion.

Twin #2.....aka Michelle got the award for Truthfulness. The teacher wrote the following about Michelle: Michelle continues to impress me with her honesty. She is always quick to confess if she accidentally saw an answer, or if she can see someone's paper. Michelle is full of integrity even at such a young age! Again, not too bad if I do have to say so myself.

I am so proud of my kids.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Substitute Teacher/Nurse

Today I had the luxury of filling in for the school nurse at my 3 oldest's school. I was the substitute school nurse. Since she teaches 5th grade science, I also was teaching science today. I also had to fill in for another teacher who was out. So I had the sheer pleasure of teaching 5th grade spelling. The funniest thing about that, it that I am a horrid speller. Science was easy, just had the review for a final test that the kids will have tomorrow. I had their test, and went over every question on the test in the form of a game. It was fun for me and the kids. Spelling was another story. I had to give a spelling test to the kids. What's funny about that is that I pronounce some words differently as I spent my entire formative years with my English grandmother. So I tend to pronounce some words a little differently. Of course, half the words on their test today were some of those words. For instance, the word fragile, I pronounce frag (long I) le. Hostile (again pronounced with a long I). The kids were laughing at me, stating that the teacher told them that nobody pronounces the words that way, and to say them with a short I. Then I really confused them by saying genuine with a long I. Don't get me started with vegetable (pronounced ve ga ta ble) all short vowels sound and 4 syllables.

Then I came home, cooked out on the grill after cutting the back yard. Now, at almost 9pm, I have to make cupcakes for my daughters' class for the morning, in celebration of their 9th birthday. Their birthday is on Saturday, and this year the are getting some great birthday presents....Last day of school on Friday May 22.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Grannies Girl

Here is my youngest daughter, Michelle, managing to look like her granny Jax (aka The Mommanator). She was helping me with my compost. You can get a glimpse of my composter in the back of this picture, it's the black/blue barrel being held with 2x4's.(One day I'll get a better picture and instructions on how to make). I made it for no more than $20. Michelle and I were taking the composted material out of the composter and planting hanging baskets with the black gold. Unfortunately, during my gardening this past week, I managed to find myself some Poison Ivy(actually I knew I was pulling it out, but thought that I was taking precautions against getting in on my least it is now out of that part of the yard). On what fun!!! Dosing myself with benedryl and calamine. Luckily it's not terrible, and this is enough to keep it at bay.

The freezer was moved out of my mud room a little while ago. It works fine, just way too big. In it's place I now have a much smaller freezer. My problem is that once it gets into the freezer it tends to stay there, so the smaller the better.

Just spending a lazy Sunday at home with the kiddos. I only get them one weekend a month, so we tend to chill that weekend. Right now we are just chilling watching an on-demand movie-gotta love on-demand.

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Saturday Fun??

Today we had our family portrait taken for the church directory. I am so excited, as I have been wanting to get a new family portrait taken for a little while. The best part is that there was no sitting fee, and a free 8x10 of the picture that will go into the directory. The coolest thing is that the guys who were doing the directory, just so happen to do this for a living and are members of the church. The photographer was Greg Phelps, he did a great job of getting everyone to look and smile at the same time. The graphics guy is Dave Arthur of @rtuur Graphics. Dave was able to take Greg's pictures and edit them to make at least one great picture. Then he was playing around for the benefit of my kids, and taking my face and putting it on Danny's body. We were having fun, and it's great having guys taking you pictures and actually getting at least one great photo out of the bunch (with 5 people, you will always have one doing something weird).

When we got home, I decided that since I have the kiddos all dressed up, why not take a photo in front of my favorite tree. I know that this isn't the best photo ever, but they were tired of getting their pictures taken as well as not wanting to stand where I put them. Of course, we did a silly picture, but that is one best left for the tissues (fingers and noses....need I say more?)

After we finished the photo fest, cleaning the house was the game plan for the day. Well, after a few short hours of cleaning, all we have left is to vacuum the house and mop the floors. I guess I will finish that up after I fold a few loads of cloths. I don't know if you call this fun, but something needed.

Contest Winner

The 100th post contest winning number is #3-Congratulations go to Jessica from The Dietzel Family

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

100th Post-YEA A GIVEAWAY!!!!

This Contest is NOW CLOSED

Well, it's my 100th post. I can't believe it. When I started this blog back in October, I never expected that I would get here so quickly. Over the past few months so much has happened; a bathroom remodel, a new washer and dryer, my youngest starting school, my dad dying, my boys finishing their first football season, so much more. In commemoration of my 100th post, I am celebrating with a giveaway.

I am giving away one of my favorite things, a basket filled with the following: sugar scrub, bubble bath, body butter, a candle all in the fragrance of Lime Tea Blossom. In the basket also includes a loofah and a wooden massage tool. This basket is an aromatherapy dream! I love every product in this basket. The sugar scrub is the best, leaves your skin so soft. The body butter is fantastic....a little goes so far and doesn't leave your skin feeling greasy.

To gain chances, just do the following-
1 entry-leave a comment (with contact information)
2 entries-follow me and leave a comment stating that you follow me (for my current followers just leave a comment stating you follow)
3 entries-blog about this giveaway, then leave a comment with the link
The maximum number of entries is 3 total per person.

This contest will end on Saturday May 16, 2009 at 2pm EST. At that time I will use random number generator to pick the winner, if you are the winner and I am unable to contact you for your mailing address within 3 days of contest ending, I will pick a new winner.

Good Luck to you all, and have a wonderful day.

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Cutting Grass

This is twin #2 cutting the front yard. It finially stopped raining long enough to cut the grass. I had to get this mower out to cut "The Hill", the hill is in the very front of the yard right near the road-and a bear to cut. The hill's grass was about 2 ft high, as it hasn't been cut yet this year. I kept telling her that I could get out the riding mower to cut the grass (since the picture only shows about a quarter of the front yard), but she was having fun. How can I not let her have this much fun?

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

My New Toys

This is my new washer
AND This is my new dryer.

My dryer finally went and died. I tried to fix it, to no avail. So I went out and bought myself a new washer and dryer. I will keep my old washer and keep it hooked up, just to have 2 washers (I do tons of clothes). I have been wanting to buy myself a new washer, since my present washer likes to keep lots of lint on the clothes, and since I line dry the clothes on good weather days, having little to no lint on clothes is kinda needed. This new little toy has a lint trap that can be removed and cleaned out. I'm so excited. The best part is that since I was willing to take the display models they took 10% off each and another 10% off the washer since it is energy star. So, a total of $186 off both. Hey, I'm all willing to take money off, even if I have to take the display model to do so. I can't wait till tomorrow when they will deliver them and I can wash and dry clothes in them. Right now I am stuck with hanging the clothes in the bathroom to dry (it's been raining now for about a week-can't dry them outside-bummer). They are made by Samsung-but who cares? I don't care who they are made by, as long as they work.
Yea, I get excited about the little things.
By the way-this is my 98th post-stay tuned for my 100th post-it's coming soon, and I have a surprise for you!!!