Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Substitute Teacher/Nurse

Today I had the luxury of filling in for the school nurse at my 3 oldest's school. I was the substitute school nurse. Since she teaches 5th grade science, I also was teaching science today. I also had to fill in for another teacher who was out. So I had the sheer pleasure of teaching 5th grade spelling. The funniest thing about that, it that I am a horrid speller. Science was easy, just had the review for a final test that the kids will have tomorrow. I had their test, and went over every question on the test in the form of a game. It was fun for me and the kids. Spelling was another story. I had to give a spelling test to the kids. What's funny about that is that I pronounce some words differently as I spent my entire formative years with my English grandmother. So I tend to pronounce some words a little differently. Of course, half the words on their test today were some of those words. For instance, the word fragile, I pronounce frag (long I) le. Hostile (again pronounced with a long I). The kids were laughing at me, stating that the teacher told them that nobody pronounces the words that way, and to say them with a short I. Then I really confused them by saying genuine with a long I. Don't get me started with vegetable (pronounced ve ga ta ble) all short vowels sound and 4 syllables.

Then I came home, cooked out on the grill after cutting the back yard. Now, at almost 9pm, I have to make cupcakes for my daughters' class for the morning, in celebration of their 9th birthday. Their birthday is on Saturday, and this year the are getting some great birthday presents....Last day of school on Friday May 22.


  1. I used to substitute teach too. Not sure I could hang anymore. LOL
    Girl you are one busy momma

  2. Wow, you are busy!! Take a second to breathe!