Saturday, May 23, 2009

This date in History, more exactly 2000

This day 9 years ago, I was in the hospital 32 weeks 4 days pregnant and 3.5 cm dilated. I was on and IV of Mag Citrate that stopped the contractions, and being started on a SQ infusion of Terbutaline. I was on complete bed rest and would stay in the hospital until I delivered, hopefully 2-3 weeks away. It was not to be. Shortly after noon, I had a severe coughing fit, and thought that my water broke....needless to say it was not my water but just the foley cath not being put in the right place. The doctor came back to check me and low and behold, 4cm dilated, the point of no return. Given that it was twins and only 33.5 weeks, for safety of the babies, it would be a c-section. The doctor went back to his office to finish with the few patients he had in the office, and to cancel the remainder of the scheduled patients of the day. I called my husband at work, only to find that I could not get in touch with him. My mom was with me (she was with me all night), and we were all set to go, when my husband showed up just in time to get dressed (only after he finished his lunch....he made the doctor so mad that the doctor threatened to start without him) and go with me to the delivery room. I was so excited to finally see my babies. I was fine, until lying there in the delivery room I saw the ambu bags (bags used to breath for the babies if they weren't breathing on their own. That was when it all hit me, they are too early. I wanted to turn back, hold them in just a little longer. It was not to be. At 108pm, my first daughter was born with a healthy cry weighing 4lbs 12oz. At 109pm, my second daughter was born, also with a geed healthy cry and weighing in at 4lbs 9oz. The doctors checked over the girls, and then brought them to me to see them for a few seconds before they had to whisk them away to the NICU. I told my husband to go with the girls. He stayed with them and there I was lying in the OR waiting for the doctor to finish. I was them moved to the recovery room, where my mom sit waiting for me. It was a hour or 2 before she finally found out that I had the babies and they were fine, only after I told her. She to this day still talks about how she stayed with me all night long, and was the last to know or see the girls. See, as soon as it was decided that they would be delivered I called my dad and sister who rushed to the hospital with my then 15month old son. My dad and sister was present at the NICU window when the brought the girls in, so they got to see them. My poor mom was in the recovery room waiting for me, waiting for any information. I was then taken to my new room, on another floor as the girls. See, during that summer, there were 12 sets of different multiples on the books to be delivered, and at least 7 of them had delivered within that many tiny babies that they had 6 satellite NICUs set up around the hospital.
Six hours later, as soon as I was able, I jumped into a wheelchair and went down to spend some time with my girls.
Michelle/Elizabeth Happy Birthday girls. From 4lbs 9oz and 4lbs 12oz (respectfully) to over 80 lbs each. I love you both. My you have grown and are getting more beautiful everyday.


  1. 4+ pounders each isn't bad for twins. Scary to wait for the news that they were fine, though.

    (When I was a teenager, my mother had identical twins - one was 5 and half pounds the other 7! Seems like a lot of babay to be carrying.)

    A very happy 9th birthday to your girls!

  2. What a blessing they have been so far! Identical yes, but different in so many ways!

  3. What a blessing that everything turned out fine!!!!!

    Happy birthday to your girls!!!!

  4. Happy birthday to your girls. Thank goodness they were fine.


  5. Sorry about the confusion. My 5 mom post was scheduled at the same time and there was some kind of blogger error...sorry about that! You can check out the 5 mom blog and it should pop up now!

    Happy Birthday to your girls and I am glad that everything turned out OK....;)

  6. Happy birthday!! Save me some cake. ;-)