Tuesday, September 1, 2009

I Love Goodwill

I love Goodwill stores. You really can get some great buys at Goodwill. Take this chair. I found this chair and it's matching set (six in total) at my local Goodwill store. They have the original store tags with the date of promise and purchaser listed on the bottom of the chairs. They were made May 1971, promised June 1971, and were for someone named Seigel. I have been wanting matching dining room chairs for quite a while, especially since my current chairs have been glued, nailed, reglued, and renailed back together several times. I sat on the chairs at the store, and every one was very sturdy feeling, and all with the original metal casters still in place. I checked out the price.........$15/chair. That means for $90 I can buy the complete set....SOLD!!!! After putting them in my car, my mom and I drove to the local Joanne Fabrics and bought some clearance material to redo the seats to a more updated look. For just $7/yard I was set. Today, I started the task of updating the chairs....this is what I now have.

All told, the chairs cost just $18.50 each. What do you think??