Tuesday, December 8, 2009

I'm Trying, but.....

I have been trying and trying to move things in my living room enough to be able to put up the Christmas tree, but it just doesn't seem to get done.  I seem to have no motivation to get it done.  Today, I have managed to partially clean one area, only to find that everything is now in the middle of the floor....what to do with the stuff???  I usually put the tree in the corner, but my sewing machine is there.  I need my sewing machine up to finish a present.  I've decided to put the tree along a long wall, but would it be better to put the sofa there, and the tree where the sofa is?  I don't know.  Moving the sofa would allow the living room heater vent to be open, but moving it will partially block a bedroom door.  What to do?  I'm so conflicted.  I know the kids want a tree up badly, but I am not in the mood.  Too many sad memories!


  1. How about enlisting the help of the kids, so it will be a good family experieence rather than a sad solitary one?

  2. SAW-
    Oh, I had the kids help with the decorating of the tree, my issue is that I didn't want to decorate in the first place. I finially did get the living room cleaned, and the tree up, but the putting of the ornaments on the tree was rough. With my dad dying last Christmas, and my grandmother dying Christmas 96, it is just a rough time.

  3. Hi Shoebee,
    Thanks for stopping at my blog.
    Sorry you are having a hard time this Christmas. It's hard when deaths happen around that time.

  4. Hey girl the tree looks great! and the present is nearly finished!