Thursday, January 8, 2009

Back to life

I obviously haven't been around much lately. Have had a few things going on. My laptop, that I usually blog on, had a broken screen and needed replacement. I finally get it back today. Had to do the Christmas thing, then the funeral thing. The funeral actually was easier than I thought. We had a great tribute. My dad always wanted to be cremated. We honored his wishes. The night before the funeral, we all troded up to my uncle's house and had a great time of remembering. The next morning, we went to the church. Meet with family and friends. The memorial service was more like a church service. Don't get me wrong, there was some crying, but it wasn't that bad. After the service, we all headed over to the family burial plot and threw some ashes there. It was nice, a place to go to honor my dad, and grandparents.
The kids are doing great. My youngest 3 wanted to see their Poppie at the funeral home to say goodbye. My oldest just wanted to remember Poppie from Christmas. At the cemetery, again my oldest wanted nothing to do with the throwing of the ashes, my younger 3, they had to be involved. My kids even picked out the urn for the funeral service. It was good, made them have a say in how their Poppie was remembered. Even my mom agreed they picked the best one for him.
Now we are just trying to get back to normalcy, not that things will ever be normal for me again. Kids are back in school, and I start back to work tomorrow. Life goes on.


  1. loss is never an easy thing, but when you remember that he is at peace and will always have a place in your heart you may soon realize that although you will never forget you will go on. I'm sure he would want it that way

  2. I've never been good at what to say at moments like these. I wish the best for you and your family. Lots of family time.. lots of healing and grieving. Then, remember to smile.

  3. Your dad loved you ALLOT! never forget that, also you have a heavenly father that continues to look after you! and my grandkids!
    We will miss your dad, even his foilbles! teehee!