Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Two Days and Counting.....and other Misc Things

Ice, ice everywhere. Yesterday it was snow, today it's ice. The kids have been home from school the last 2 days. Well, actually, the youngest didn't have school on Monday (teacher work day) and twin #1 was sick Monday. So, they haven't been to school yet this week. Tomorrow, the 3 oldest have an orthodontic appointment, to #1-see if they need braces, #2-determine when they would need to start treatment if needed. My twins' canine adult teeth look like they are growing in sideways. The dentist did feel that removing the baby canines would allow cause the adult canine to move on their own (path of least resistance philosophy) to the correct position.

Since the kiddos school was closed due to the weather, I had to follow my family's tradition (something my mom and dad started with me and my sister on snow days), take the kids out to breakfast. Yea, sounds kinda closed due to poor road conditions related to snow and ice, and I take them out first thing in the morning to breakfast. We only went to McDonalds for hot cakes and sausage, but they did get to have the entire indoor play area to themselves.

My right ankle is acting up again. I broke it twice over the years, and now it is considered a weak joint. Well, yesterday, it decided to pop. It now is about twice the size and it is about all I can do to walk on it. It did this once or twice before, just need to rest it for a few days.

As if that wasn't enough, I have been helping my mom with the house in NJ (my childhood home that my mom and dad have been trying to sell for about a year). Well, about 3-4 days ago, the realtor called to say that there was a water leak in the house. My mom called her brother (who lives near the house) and he has fixed the leak, but unfortunately the cause of the leak was because of no heat in the house. No heat in the house was because no oil in the oil tank. No oil in the oil tank was because of a leak in the oil line. We were hoping it was just the coupler that attaches the oil line to the tank, but, NO!! It is the entire oil line that has multiple pin holes. Now, we need to have the entire oil line replaced. I have been helping my mom, because these types of things just up set her right now. I understand completely. Today she called me to tell me that now she has to shell out $1000 for new tires. She knew that she needed them, but on top of everything, it is getting too much. Still having to pay the mortgage on the NJ house, new oil line, oil for the NJ house, new tires, funeral costs, etc. Everything is just adding up. It seems like ya just can't get a break. Luckily we have a deep faith, and know that this is just a trial right now, and one that will make us stronger in Him.


  1. Hope that everything gets better with the finances for the house and such. That is really tough, but just knowing that your faith is deep will change the outlook of all the trials.
    We had lots of snow here too, but no such luck on snow day...the kids were bummed.

  2. Sorry about the ankle. I have a knee I blew out skiing and it acts up on occassion, so I smpathise. And I like the breakfast out tradition.

  3. I hope things start looking up for you and your family.. I know it must be tough.

  4. hey I needed the last 2 lines.
    just so ya know the tradition actually started with mommom & poppop. were they great or what.
    My dad loved making wheelies in the snow, made mom nuts

  5. Wow..that is alot going on right now!! But isn't it awesome that we can still have the peace from Jesus?????

    Oh..and thank you for the heads up on the collage!! LOL, I feel special!

    Hope your ankle gets better soon!!