Monday, November 2, 2009

November Already???

How can this be?  How can it possibly be November already?  Turned the clocks back this past weekend, and now night comes before supper.  This is the one part of winter that I can do without.  Too many dark hours. 

Kids were at their dad's for halloween, and for once I did not make their costumes.  I just couldn't get into it this year.  So, their dad had the kids make their own costumes.  My oldest decided to go as a laywer, my youngest, a golfer.  The girls, well, one was a dog, and the other a remote control.  I am not one to spend money on costumes, I much rather see creativity.  Wish I could have seen their creations.  One thing I do not like about living where I live....I never get any trick-or-treaters.  In the 10yrs I have lived here, I have had a grand total of ZERO trick-or-treaters.  Since my house sits on a major road, it does not lead itself to visitors on halloween.  Also, it is not the best place to send the kids out on the hunt for treats.  Their dad lives in a wonderful little neighborhood with street lights and sidewalks and houses sitting on 1/4 acre lots, so lots of knocking on doors.  I miss that.  Glad my kids have a good place to go.  Growing up, I never had anywhere to go.  There were 6 houses on the street I grew up on, including mine.  Mind you, the street was close to a mile long. 

Haven't been up to much of anything lately.  Since the kids have started school, things are a bit crazy around here. 

I can't believe it will be CHRITmas in a few short can this be?  I am so not ready for it!!!!


  1. Wonder if the ex took any pics, would love to see this creativity. Ken a LAWYER! whew, could you see him in court!
    WEll I didnt see a trick or treater either, but we have loads of candy! checking the blood sugar every day!

  2. I'm not ready to start thinking about Christmas yet.