Thursday, January 7, 2010

11 Years Ago

At 3:07pm on January 8, 2010, my son will turn 11 years ago. 

11 years ago, at this moment, I was sitting in my then house with my parents, sister,  and then husband, making sure I had everything ready to go to the hospital in the morning.  At 7am on January 8, 1999, we were clearing the car off from the snow.  We then took the 5mile drive to the hospital.  I was checked in, and my induction was started.  I was just 2 days past my due date, but the doctor wanted to induce because he estimated me having a 9+ pound baby, and he did not want my son to get any bigger, for fear that I would not be able to deliver the baby naturally.  The doctor broke my water and the nurse started my on the Pitocin drip.  Sometime around 11am, my doctor came by to just check in on me, while there he told my parents that when it came time to deliver the baby, they would have to leave the room, and my dad told him that all he had to do is give them the word and they would leave, no questions asked.  He agreed to let them know when they would need to leave.  By noon I had progressed just 2 cm to 6 cm.  I was hurting pretty good by then.  I asked for the Nubain injection (I would not have an epidural-no injections in my spine for me!!!).  By 2pm, I was fully dialated and ready to push, even though my baby had not fully dropped yet.  The nurse was in the room and gave me premission to push.  I started to push, and just after 1-2 pushes the doctor came rushing in wondering what I was doing.  He then noticed the nurse in the room.  He proceeded to sit on the side of my bed, and coach me through the pushing.  He never asked my parents to leave.  There was my dad on the left side of the bed, holding 1 leg, and my mom on the right side of the bed running back and forth to the bathroom getting my cold wet washcloths (I was so hot!!)  The doctor saw that my parents were helping, and he could tell that they knew what they were doing (That's what happens when both of your parents are nurses).  Instead of having nurses that did not know me to try and help me through the birthing process, I had my parents.  At 3:07pm, Kenneth James Connors was born.  The doctor immediatly placed Kenny on my stomach, and let Kenny's father cut the cord.  Both my mom and dad agreed, the birth of Kenny was as close to a home birth as possible, but with the safety of a hospital birth.  I very much appreciate the fact that they were allowed to stay with me, and witness the birth of their first grandchild. 
Kenny, you have been a wonderful joy in my life, have a great birthday.