Tuesday, January 5, 2010

How Styles have Changed, or HAVE THEY???

At my kids' school they are having spirit week.  Today was Decade Day.  In order for the kids to not dress in their school uniform, they had to dress up like they were from a specific decade.  Lizzy choose the 1960's, complete with macreme handbag and moon rock necklace.  It so suits her personality.  She had a blast.

My other daughter went way out of her comfort zone and decided that she would look too much like her mother and choose the 1980's.  She is such a shy child, and with this get-up she ended up getting a lot of attention.

As you can see, her mom still remembered how to style the hair, the only problem....I couldn't find any AquaNet, had to settle on a different brand of hairspray, and luckily for her, it worked almost as well.  I think, what she thought was even funnier than the hair, was that I still had shoes and jewlery from the 80's that she wore. 

Every Day during Spirit Week, they have a winner for the best dressed, and the hair style ended up giving Michelle the win, as well as a lot of attention that she is not used to getting.  Tomarrow for Spirit Week should be a blast....Twin Day.  Grab a friend and dress alike.  The girls are going to go as far as adding each other's freckles and talk at the same time, now, if I can just figure out how to style their hair so it will look the same....my hardest problem.


  1. The hair is hysterical...I had that...I can't believe I'm admitting that!

  2. Those are great. My girls are having a decades day in a few weeks. It should be fun.

  3. Ha! There's nothing new under the sun.

  4. I remember those spirit days!! they look great!

  5. this 1st pic of Michelle didnt even look like her. Greta fun!