Tuesday, April 6, 2010

94 DEGREES????

Is it really possible that the temp was a whopping 94 degrees today? The day started nice enough, with lovely 60 degrees, post spring night rain, but driving home today the temp on the car read 94 DEGREES! How is that possible? It is only April 6th. Just a meer month ago we were swimming in snow, now it's sweat. The bees are all buzzing, grills fired up, tulips in bloom. It is wonderful to be warm, but do we really need 94 DEGREES in April?

The one benefit of living in a 90 yr old house is the old plaster walls. Why did they ever do away with them? They are a perfect insulator of weather and sound. Having good sound insulation is important when living on a busy road like I live. Weather insulation is even more important. When getting my new heater and central air a few years back, the HVAC guys were shocked how well this house held it's temps. When I reminded them that I have plaster walls, they smacked their heads and went, "Duh, no wonder!" Gotta love guys!


  1. Wow... and I've been complaining about 85 depgree days... hmm.. maybe I should take that back... lol.. I will miss nice 70 degree spring days..

  2. yes from winter to summer over theweekend alomst, but I think it is supposed to change soon!

  3. Straight from winter to summer. Not that I'm complaining!