Sunday, April 18, 2010

A fun Sunday

Since it was a little chilly today (in the 50's) we decided to have a fire.  Of course, when you have kids and a fire it means smores!  The kids had a great time cooking their smores, and feeding the fire. 

Michelle had to have her's deconstructed, And burnt to a crisp.  She is so like her momma!!
While they enjoyed their smores, I cooked on my new grill. This is what we had, with herbed rice and grilled corn. I so love my new grill!


  1. those pics are so great, and I can imagine all the fun which they had! you should take stock in marshmallows
    yummy dindin too!

  2. AT my place, when you have kids and fire you have sneaky additions of anything they can think of to throw in just to see how it burns.