Thursday, December 4, 2008

What are the odds??

I did the plumbing yesterday. I have all the new plumbing installed. Had a bit of a problem, another pipe broke. Looking at the bright side.....if plastic pipe broke just by working 3 ft further down the line, then it needed to be replaced. Better it happen while I was working on it, then to burst open once the water was turned back on. My new shower base also came in, so off to Lowes to pick it up. Picked it up, as well as the materials to build the walls around the tub....Finally, or so I thought. I got it home (No, I didn't check it in the store. To check you need to destroy the box. Think----Box = Protection) I got it home, opened the box-looks okay, no major scratches or cracks. Went to put it in, got it in. Oh, how pretty. Stepped on it......CRACK. What? Maybe it's the floor underneath the cracked. Looked at the floor underneath, looks good. Looked at the bottom of the new shower, a place I did not look before. Pieces are cracked and chunks are missing. Looked on the floor, thinking I may have done this. No, the missing chunks are not on the floor. I can't believe that my second new shower base is also damaged. So off to Lowes again today, after taking my youngest to the dentist, taking back the second new shower base and am going to buy yet another new on, this time I am going for the cast iron shower base. It is about $200-$300 more, but I bet they will not be busted before I even get them installed. Am still trying to look at the bright side (is there, better now then after getting the walls done.
Mom-guess you will not have a new shower when you come, but at least the bathroom will be functional.
Yes, I am more than a little upset. Yes, there is something else I can do in the bathroom, I can put up a new wall, reinstall the sink and toilet, and put up a new medicine cabinet. But all of that is only going to take 1 maybe 2 days at the most. (I only work on the bathroom between the hours of 10am and 1:30pm Tues, Wed and Fri). I want the get the tub done now....See, I am in the mood to do it, and every delay just makes it that much harder to stay motivated. I guess this time next week, I will have the tub, and will be installing it. In 1 week, the walls will be going up. All of this is dependent on the new base coming in in 1 week. I guess I will use this delay to put up Christmas stuff. Time to get the house decorated.


  1. Wow, I'm so sorry! I am the type of person, that when I want to do something, I want to do it now! (Of course, being a mother changes that..)

    Good job at trying to look on the bright side. Christmas is coming fast, so have fun decorating the house!

  2. O NO, best laid plans! I am so glad you are able to do such things!
    I would rather have it done corectly the first time! than have to redo later.
    Decorating is always fun, you should see it around here! they go all out!

  3. That bites. When I was remodeling the bathrooms, I opened one box and found a large peice of the toilet had cracked and fallen off. Grrr.