Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Works for Me.....

I am fairly handy around the house. My dad and grandfather taught me to do quite a bit of home repair and I thank my mom for the courage to try myself. For most people it can be quite scary. What works for me it simple....doing it myself. My dryer broke, I diagnosed it and fixed it. I figured that it was already broken and worst case if I didn't fix it, I would need to buy a new one. Best case, I would fix it for a lot less. I ended up fixing it for $10, and a little time. Same thing with my washer...Best case happened again, this time it didn't cost anything, just a sock in the drain motor. I found a great website that gives detailed troubleshooting and fixing instructions it's called Check it out it really works for me!!

For more things that work, check out Shannon and her friends at

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  1. Hi Shoebee!

    Just a quick note to let you know that you’ve won! Please email me ( with your shipping address within three days and your basket will be shipped ASAP!

    Congratulations and thanks for reading!

    Great WFMW tip, BTW. I'll have to use that link!