Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Kids and other things

My littlest can be so cute sometimes. This past week we were having snow flurries here. He was outside in our playyard trying to catch the snow flakes. It was so cute to watch. He would run, stop, grab, then quickly look at his hand to see if he caught it. I was sitting there watching him, unbeknowest to him. He was so cute. Just the awe of a child playing in snow in his own little world.

He has been bugging me to take him out to spend his birthday money, so today we went. He had his 6yr check up today, so after the doctor (an him having to get an immunization) we went to Target. I let him pick whatever he wated to get with his $25 from his great-grandma. So, he picked a Nintendo DS game. Something he could call his own. Now, I am the type of mother who makes the kids help themselves to help teach them manners and approp store behavior. With that being said, since this was his purchase, and the games are behind locked doors, he had to ask the store employee polietly that he needed help as he wanted to buy a game. It was so cute, as he goes up to the Target employee and says, "Excuse me, could you please help me? I would like to buy a DS game. Could you please unlock the doors so that I may buy it?" How precious is that? A 6 yr old? Of course he thanked the employee for helping him. I tell you, it is never too young to teach good manners.

My oldest is having a real rough time right now. He is really missing his grandpa. With the death of Zac, it just brought up a new flood of emotions. Can I tell you how lucky I am to be able to send my kids to private school? A school that has full time counslers, how great is that? I'm not talking about guidence counslers, but full time christian Liscensed counslers that do clinical psychology. It has been a real blessing. Not to mention, a staff that truely cares about all aspects of a child (physical, emotional, and spiritual). The great part is that there are good male influences at the school too, something that is very important for me, being a single mom. Sometimes a 10yr old boy just doesn't want to talk to a "girl", even if it is mom.

Well, I've decided to contract out the last little part of the bathroom. I just need it done before I have my ankle surgery in a couple of weeks, and just don't have the time right now. So, by Thursday next week, it will all be done, except for the painting (I refuse to pay someone to paint, especially when you are talking only 300 sq feet total-including the ceiling). I can't wait.

Well, enough rambling for now.


  1. There's nothing that blesses me more when someone tells me that my kids are very respectful! Your son sounds so sweet!!! My kids love getting gift cards!!

    And what a blessing about the school! You're right..boys are more comfortable talking to a male. Thank goodness your son has a godly man to speak to!

  2. That is so great about your son. I remind mine sometimes to say thank you...But then there are some days they blow me away with how polite they really are. Good job to you!
    Hope the contracting goes well for the bathroom.
    That is awesome about being able to send them to a private school too. That's where ours may be headed for middle school.

  3. I wish all schools could have actual psychologists/social workers on staff.

    I know you'll be glad to get that bathroom done.