Monday, February 9, 2009

Typical Day in My Life

Mondays around here are always a bit nutty, today was no exception. The kids go to their dad's on the weekends, and they are always exhausted when they come home, so getting them up is always a bit of a challenge. Up and adam at 6:30am. Lunches packed, backpacks ready to go and out the door at 7:45am to be at the school at 7:55am. Then me and the youngest head off to Starbucks for our morning coffee. Mind you, I have to call into work for report at 8am. So, while listening/leaving report I am in line waiting for my Venti Caramel Macc, no foam, extra caramel, with whip and kids hot chocolate and vanilla scone for gumba. Then back home for a couple of minutes until the bus arrives at 8:45am for gumba. Today, I then got a call from the school nurse where my oldest 3 attend. She was sick and needed to go home and she wanted to know if I could come and sub for her starting at 10am. So I quickly wrapped a package that I wanted to get into the mail for my mom and then off to the post office. Boy, was it busy in there. I arrived at the school at 10am to start my other job as a school nurse. It's kinda neat that I can help out the school that way. I enjoy the ability to be closely involved in the school. I can't wait until next year when all 4 will be going to the same school and I can be a substitute more often. That's another subject all together. There are quite a few illnesses going around the school, so I was quite busy all day with complaints of headaches, sore throats, dry scratchy coughs. I think I saw 40+ kids from 10am until 3pm. For a school that only has 350 students in grades K-11, that's quite a lot. I then got the kids at 3pm, back in the care at 3:15pm and home by 3:30pm, just in time to get the youngest off the bus at 3:45. I then had to run the the grocery store to get dinner. We decided on Linguine and shrimp in a butter garlic sauce. Quite simple to make, and so good. We get home, and I then proceed to help my girls get ready for their spelling test for tomorrow. It is now 7:30pm and they are just now almost finished. Luckily, that was their only homework. My oldest had to write out note cards for his research project, so he did that, while I tested my twins. By 5pm I am starting to make dinner. We ate at 5:45pm. Dishes done, laundry in the wash, spelling finally done! Now, only 15 more minutes before kiddos off to bed. They go to bed at 8pm, but they also have to get up at 6:30am. I think that is a very approp time. Plus, it enables me to have alone time to decompress prior to going to bed. Yes, this is a typical day for me during the week. Mind you, I don't always substitute at the school, but on Monday and Friday I usually do work at the school covering recess duty.
Please be thinking about me tomorrow, I finally find out what is wrong with my ankle. Had my MRI on Sat, and my appointment is tomorrow at 10am. I'm anxious to find out, but scared.


  1. Busy, busy, busy.

    I'm sending good thoughts your way on the MRI. Let us know!

  2. are very busy. My kids go to bed at 8:30, but don't knock out until much later. I know what you mean about down time for yourself. I really need that. I will be praying that they figure out what is wrong.

  3. I'm tired just READING your post!

  4. Oh, that's all you did? (heh heh heh) I only say that because I'm not within arm's reach. Feel free to biff another man as my substitute.