Monday, June 1, 2009

June 1st, the official start of meteorological summer

June 1st if the first day of meteorological summer. To celebrate my oldest and I put up our pool today. 15ft diameter, 56in deep. Yes, it is big, and yes, it has to come down each year. My boys are all sad that after 8 hrs of filling, it is only 1/4 full. I keep telling them that even after it is full, it will take days to warm up, since today it was only 75 degrees(43% humidity), and it is only 60 at night. Not to mention that I live on a well, so the water is cold coming from the well.

Before Kenny and I were able to put the pool up, the ground had to first be prepped. I had to level out the ground. Since I had some peat moss lying around, I decided to use that. I used 4 bags of peat moss to try and level the ground. Now that the pool is up, I have noticed that the ground is still not completely level. At least that it is not as bad as it was last year (last year it was off by 6inches, this year only by 2 inches maybe). Also, by placing the peat on the ground first, the base is so soft, no more feeling roots and rocks through the pool floor (yes, there is a tarp down first to protect the pool).

It will be nice when I can kick the kids outside to go swimming, they have so much fun in the pool. Ahhh, summer is here, now if only the weather would start to feel a little more like summer.


  1. My aching back hurts just thinking about that work

  2. Goodness... I wish the summer weather could just go away right now.... I miss spring weather.. 90 degrees just seems too hot right now..