Saturday, June 6, 2009

Poor Scooby

I have a 3.5 yr old beagle named Scooby. He is an outside dog, as one might expect, since he is a beagle. He is very quiet. Only ever barks when hungry. He loves for the kids to play with him, and he loves being petted. Today, I came home from work to find him lying on his house looking so sad. I go over to him to pet him, and make sure he has plenty of food and water. He looks up at me with this sad eyes. I give him fresh food and water, he hops down to the ground, unable to bear weight on his right front paw. I check out the paw, looking for swelling and feeling for any possible fractures. I feel nothing. He lets me feel all around the paw, and lets me move it without a problem. Still he will not bear weight on the paw. I decide to take him to the vet, but since it is after 5pm, and a Saturday to boot, the vet is closed. So I take him to the local 24hr animal clinic. The doctor agrees that she does not feel anything strange. He does have a fever of 103 (normal is around 100-100.3) The doctor decides that he has Lymes. I can't believe it, Lymes disease, of all things. Not only has my one son had Lymes 2 times, and my ex-husband, and my my dog. So, antibiotics and pain meds for the next couple of weeks.