Saturday, June 20, 2009

Sometimes it just pays to complain

When going out to eat, I usually don't like to complain, unless things are intolerable. Tonight was one of those nights. I decided to take my sons out to Red Lobster for dinner, since today was packed with me cutting some brush along my driveway and using the chipper to make some homemade green mulch. Granted, I have a lot more to do, but need to sharpen the chipper blades first. Since I was so tired, I thought it best to relax and have someone else cook.

We went early, since it is Saturday, and I didn't want to have to wait to eat for a hour or longer. As it was, we waited 10-15 minutes, not long at all. We were seated, decided on what each of use would eat while waiting for the waiter to arrive. We probably waited longer for the waiter to come and take our drink order, than we did just to be seated...already starting off on the wrong foot for me. I kept reminding myself that it was busy, but with the boys asking over and over when they could get a drink, it was hard to keep reminding myself.

Since it took so long to get our drink order, we ordered our food at the same time as the drinks. The drinks arrived....not what I was expecting. I was feeling nice to the boys, so I let them order a cherry slushy (which I knew was going to cost extra), what I did not expect were these tiny glasses. I asked about it, and the manager came over and explained that they were larger than they look, and actually hold 14oz, even though they only look to be about 8oz. Ok, no problem. The next thing I know, the manager comes over and told me that the waiter actually charged the drinks incorrectly, but he fixed the problem. I then had to ask the waiter to bring out the biscuits, since the boys were hungry. He brought out the biscuits, little plates, and my salad. As I was handing out the biscuits, the second plate was filthy. It had what looked like dried cheese on the plate. Now, me being a nurse and having worked in the food industry, I know that no microbes can survive on the plate after going through an industrial dishwasher, as long as it is working properly...but I DO NOT WANT TO EAT OFF OF A DIRTY PLATE!!! I calmly handed the plates to the manager as he was walking by, since I saw him much sooner than the waiter....where ever he was.

I don't even get a chance to taste my salad, and the main course arrives. Now, I've had it. I said something to the waiter, who responds...."They just cooked it fast tonight". No, it is a time management issue on the waiter, not the cook...I think to myself. The manager comes back over and agreed that the waiter was not managing his time wisely. The manager decided to completely take over the table. He didn't want anything else to go wrong......

Sorry Charlie, not going to happen to me tonight.

Yep, had another it minor, but another problem. Me and the boys were sitting there trying to enjoy the food, and a worker was bringing ice up to the front to the bar....hits the back of the booth, and ice comes flying out and lands on me.....and to top it off, the worker didn't even realize it happened. As she walks back past, I stop her and calmly asked her to be careful next time and explained what happened. I guess she said something to the manager, because the manager comes over and completely comps the meal.

Yea, it was probably a $30 bill, completely free. I felt terrible, do I leave a tip, do I not?? How can you not leave a tip, especially when the food was free? But if you tip according to the bill, then the tip would be zero. Way to much to stress all about a stupid tip.


  1. Aww, I'm sorry you had a rough time.. Chili's has been like that lately too... At least you got it for free! And yeah.. I probably wouldn't have tipped...

  2. That was a bad experience. I hate when that happens. Atleast you didn't have to pay, but definitely not fun.


  4. That was abysmal service. Probably I'd end up tippng, but only a little.