Wednesday, October 29, 2008

5 yr olds and dentists

I had to take my 5 yr old to the dentist yesterday. I take all my kids to a pediatric dentist, and they all fight to be the first one in the chair. They all love going to the dentist. Well, the little one has two cavities and they needed to be filled. Next appointment date available, January 2009. Appointments made. Well, last night they called and they had 2 appointments available, one today, and one tomorrow. Well, I jumped at the to the dentist this morning we went. Since I go to a pediatric dentist, they always give sedation to the very young, just to make sure they have positive experiences, and do not fear the dentist. This morning I have to give a 5yr old Valium, then off to the dentist we go. They started the laughing gas, numbed the mouth, cavity fixed, off to home we go. On the way home, my little one is trying to is so funny to listen to a 5 yr talk with his first numb lip, and high on Valium. We are now back home, eating lunch (mashed potatoes and mac & cheese for him, mashed potato chicken bowl for me), watching The Pirates Who Don't Do Anything.....Veggie Tales. What could be better for a 5 yr old but staying home from school, eating your favorite, and watching Veggie Tales?

1 comment:

  1. gotta keep those little teeth in good order!
    He was fun talking on the phone with too after his mouth numb! so cute!
    I still cant believe they must give a kiddo drugs