Monday, October 27, 2008


As the crowd fills the field in anticipation of the game to start, the players are anxiously awaiting for the prior game to finish and their chance to show how tough they have become since their last meeting in the beginning of the season. The last time these two teams meet, the Bulldogs were victorious with the score of 12-6. Will this time be different? Will the top ranked Bulldogs win again, or will the Lions prevail?
The Bulldogs' stands are filled to capacity. The entire football family came out to watch the first ever Division II bowl game. The coaches for all the different teams {flag(4-6yr), mini-pony DI and DII(7-8yr), pony DI(10yr), JV DI and DII(11-12yr), Varsity(up to 8th grade)} are there to watch and cheer their Pony DII players. Pony cheerleaders are there (normally they only cheer for the DI games, but this game is special). All the DI pony players, and half the JV DII players are there. It is wild to see all the support for our little boys. On the other side of the field......where are the fans...wait, there's 1 or 2. Mind you, the Bulldogs had to drive 45 minutes get to the field, the Lions.....their home field is hosting the bowl games
Look at those Lions, they are huge. Wait, are they all DII players? What do you mean they might be playing some of the DI players? This is a DII game, not a DI game. (DI is division 1, DII is division 2....DI are the better players, and mostly 10yrs old, DII players are mostly 9yrs old).
The coin is tossed, Lions win the toss and choose to defer to the second half. We (the Bulldogs) choose to receive the kick-off. The hits are hard, the tackles keep coming. We are unable to move the ball anywhere. Ball turned over to the Lions. They move the ball to their 1 foot line, unable to breakthrough. Our Bulldogs stand their ground. We get the ball on the 1 foot line. Four plays later, we couldn't get the first down, and the Lions see the ball in their hands again. This time they are able to punch though the line, and the crowd becomes silent, as the Lions strike first. No worry, are boys are tough, plus, we now get the ball back. Kick-off, we have the ball on our 40 yard line. The ball is handed off to #5. He breaks through several tackles, one last man to get through then open field ahead. Can he break one more tackle......HE GOT THROUGH. RUN, GO, GO....Oh no, he tripped on his own feet at the 1 yard line. The ball is snapped, the Bulldogs bite back. Score tied 6-6. There it will stay for the rest of the first half.
Second half starts. What did our coach say to our boys? They look like a totally different team out there. They are punching through the offensive line like crazy. Tackles and Sack abound. They are really applying the pressure. Lions are unable to do anything with the ball. Bulldogs have the ball, we keep nipping away at those yards. Every 3 plays or so, huge bites. Those Bulldogs must be starving. We are the next ones to strike and score...bonus time-we even made the extra point attempt. Check the scoreboard.....Bulldogs 13 Lions 6. Lions ball-nothing, unable to move, and turnover on downs. Bulldogs ball.....we are able to push it all the way to the 2 yard line, unable to punch it through. Lions ball. They throw it up for a long pass....interception...RUN, RUN, RUN........YEAH!!!!! Bulldogs 19 Lions 6. Third quarter over. Fourth quarter starts. Second string players will play the remainder of the game, not giving up anything. BULLDOGS WIN!!!!! BULLDOGS WIN!!!!! BULLDOGS WIN!!!!! Now I can stop screaming.
One parent turns to me and tells me, I never thought that anyone was louder that Coach ****, but you take the cake. Football father #1 turns to her and says.....Shoebee is the best FOOTBALL MOM, she just doesn't cheer for her kid, but all the kids. Shoebee blushes....Now, the long drive home with an over excited, overly hungry, sweaty, stinky boy in the car. Driving out of the fields, all the Bulldogs family laughs and points at my car......Written all over the car was GO BULLDOGS GO in good ole Blue and Gold.
*pictures were from first meeting with the Lions.


  1. thats MY grandson! What a great time he had! on a winning team! glad he kept up his grades too!

  2. Yea, football mom! As a soccer coach, I LOVE IT when the families cheer outrageously for their players!

  3. Craver-
    Coach said the same thing. He told me that it makes coaching so much better when the parents are cheering and having a good time.