Thursday, October 30, 2008


OK, here it goes. This is something that I made just the other day in my crock pot. My kids loved it, and wanted it for lunch the next day. The soup recipe is about the only soup my kids will eat.

Sorry, but my amounts are estimates, but I don't cook by exact measurements, but by looking to see if it looks right-esp with the soup recipe

Bar-B-Que Pork Pull

3 lb fresh Pork Roast
1 18oz bottle of your favorite BBQ sauce
1/4 cup water

Place all in crock pot in following order: roast, bbq sauce, water. Cook on low for at least 4 hrs. Take roast out of crock pot and pull apart with two forks pulling in opposite directions-the roast should be so well done that it should almost fall apart. Place back in crock pot, and add more sauce. Keep on low/warm until ready to eat. Add buns, and you have an easy no fuss meal.

This recipe can be easily doubled, this recipe was enough for 6 of us, with some left over.

Chicken Pastina Soup

6-8 pieces of leg and thigh chicken
1 gallon of water (give or take)
1-2 heaping tablespoons of chicken bouillon
1 bag of baby carrots (can used regular carrots, just cut to bite sized pieces)
2-3 celery stalks cut in bite sized pieces
3/4-1 box of pastina pasta (pastina is very tiny star shaped pasta)
2-3 big pinches of herb de province (to taste)
salt and pepper to taste

Boil the chicken in the water, until the chicken meat can be removed. Remove the bones, and place meat back in the water, add chicken bouillon, carrots, herbs, and celery. Return to boil. Boil until carrots are well done. About 15-20 minutes before getting ready to eat, add pastina. Eat and enjoy. Please keep in mind that left over soup will thicken because of the pasta. Left overs may require you to add more water.

This is the only soup my kids love. It is a basic chicken noodle, just that the noodles are tiny star pasta.


  1. WIsh I had some of that pastina soup now with this cold, dont want much else to eat than something like that.

  2. Chicken Pastina Soup, something Mama Romano made for us when ever we were under the weather. Of course she would add eggs and Parmesan cheese to it.