Tuesday, November 4, 2008

My Favorite Store

I went to my favorite store again today. My youngest was so excited to be able to go. Giant Eagle has free child care for shopping moms. Giant Eagle is a grocery store. They also offer money back towards gasoline, as well as good prices on items I buy. After check-out, I looked at my receipt and was surprised to find that I can save $2.20 per gallon of gas....Regular unleaded is a whopping $2.19/gallon. I quickly went to the gas station and proceeded to spend a whole $1.85 on 18.5 gallons of Super Unleaded. That works out to a total of $0.09/gallon. I could have splurged and spent $0.19/gallon on Premium, but, I thought that Premium might break my budget..lol.
That's why I love Giant Eagle.

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