Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Works for Me Wednesday-Easy & Cheap Wallpaper Remover

Easy & Cheap Wallpaper Remover.....no, it is not an oxymoron. Since I live in an old house, with lots and lots of wallpaper (every wall in my house has wallpaper), I have tried everything and spent loads of $$$ on products to remove wallpaper. I have found that the easiest is just plain old hot water. It's very simple and the cheapest. Fill a spray bottle with hot tap water (hot water tends to work a little better, but cold tap water works too). Score the wallpaper, and then spray the wallpaper until it is soaked. Let the wallpaper sit for 15-20 minutes(1 cycle), repeat the cycle for a minimum of 2 cycles before trying to scrap off. It is best to lightly spray before trying to scrap off. I have found that going through at least 4 cycles is even better. When I have done this, and gone through 4 cycles, then the old wallpaper can be pulled off almost in full sheets. Basically, by using water, what is happening is the glue is being turned back into liquid. With this method, you will have to wash the old glue off the walls with a sponge, but better than spending hours on end scraping and scraping and scraping. Good luck with your wallpaper removing.


  1. yes I agree this works better than the more expensive stuff. So when are the girls room gonna get teh paper off! Iknow when the bathroom is done!

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