Thursday, November 6, 2008

Nature of the Beast

As you all know, I have been remodeling my 3rd bathroom. My youngest son has been helping a lot with removing the walls. Well, I am now down to removing old plumbing. Yesterday, I was in the tub, working at removing some of the plumbing. I was sitting on the edge of the tub, the one that I am trying my hardest to free up to remove, and decided that I needed to change my angle, and try to work at the plumbing from behind (through a 2 ft by 1 ft access panel). I started to swing my leg over the tub, but it got caught on something. Down I went, banging the back of my head on the sink on the way down. Trying hard to catch myself, yet keeping myself from getting too torn up from the shards of ceramic tile littering the floor (had to remove part of the old ceramic floor tile to be able to remove that d*** tub). Checking myself, well, can't be too bad, no major bleeding, and I can still walk.....barely. Looking at my foot, I've got myself a good bruise on the left little toe. Foot still hurts like the dickens, but no break or dislocation...just my pride. Today, I am back at it, almost have the old plumbing out. I still need to somehow figure out how to remove the old faucet, but it is coming along slowly.

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  1. Ah, yes, and the SHoe umm walls came tumblin down! Hope you are feeling better now and the pride isn't to fractured.