Tuesday, November 18, 2008


Let the snow fall. I am so ready for some snow....especially after a small taste of it last night. We had a few snow flurries, and a slight dusting (very slight) over night. I guess that I am just a kid at heart...I LOVE SNOW. Don't get me wrong, I have shoveling the driveway, but I love the look of snow all over the trees and ground. I love waking in the morning seeing the ground covered in the fluffy white stuff.

My plan for the day is to cut out the rest of the plaster from the walls. I need to cut the top edge of the plaster (means tons of plaster dust everywhere) with my circular saw, then remove the remaining plaster and chicken wire that holds the plaster up. Once that is done....plumbing (yea).

Guess that I should put dinner in before I start working in the bathroom. We are going to have pot roast for dinner....pot roast in crock pot....gotta love it.


  1. it will seem like snow in the bathroom! plaster coming down-wear those mask & goggles.
    Snow looks pretty, but I don't like when it turns to ice on the roads

  2. I love how peaceful snow looks. I'm not really ready for it, though.

    Good luck on the remodel - I did my bathrooms, too and they were a ton of work. But they look great now, so it was worth it.

  3. I love snow.. My favorite snow memory was during my visit to Japan. It snowed a good 6 inches. And was gone the next day. Just how I like it. And it just so happened, that we didn't have anything to do the day it snowed. It was wonderful. :)

  4. You are working your butt off...remind me to call you for my next home improvement project!

  5. What a lovely site you have!

    I must admit that I live in Calfornia where it definitely does not snow. In order to even see the wonderful white loveliness, a three to four hour drive is required. Every year, around this time, I watch "White Christmas" and daydream about how fun it be to live where you actually experience seasons.

    And, wow, a single Mom to four. I can't even begin to imagine what that must be like. I am humbled.