Monday, November 24, 2008

Sick Pup Update/Work

Well I had to take my eldest to the doctor today. He has been sick all weekend. He is still running fevers and started coughing terribly yesterday. The doctor said that he has the start of an ear infection as well as pneumonia, so antibiotics to start. At least he should be better for Thanksgiving.

This weekend at work was terrible. I am an on-call hospice nurse, and I love it. I love the dying individual, and their needs are so different from other patients. I do hospice, because I love the challenge and needs of the dying individual and family. I go to people's homes when there is a need (pain control, emotional support, death pronouncement). When I work weekends, I start work at 6:30pm on Friday and stop at 8am Monday morning. Normally those hours are not a problem, since most of the time I may only have a few visits all weekend long. This weekend was an exception. I had a 2 hr visit Friday night, went to bed at a decent hour (11pm), woke up Saturday morning around 8am. I had to leave my house 8:30am Saturday morning, and I did not get home until 10:30pm that night. I then had a call at I went, just to get home at 5:30am. Tried to sleep in a bit, but back out the door at 7:30am, finally home around 5pm. Just to get a call at 8pm requiring me to go out yet again....figures, given the holiday approaching. Mind you, most of my time at work is driving. I figured that I drove approx 700miles all weekend long. I still feel like I have been run over, just need to catch up on my lack of sleep. I only made a total of 10 visits, which is really not that many given the number of miles I drove and the number of actual working hours. I love my job, and the hours, since I can be home with my kids all week long, when I have them. I make the trade-off of working all weekend, in exchange of being with the kiddos. Good trade-off if you ask me. This schedule entitles me to work full-time with limited work days. This is why I can remodel then house all week long. I am not a Super Woman by any stretch of the imagination, just crazy....tee hee.
To learn more about hospice care please visit The Hospice Foundation of America at


  1. What a great job. You are such a gift to our society. I am sure many people appreciate people like you/ They should anyway. :)

  2. Yeah, I was so upset, but at least I stood up for my baby and protected her. After today's day of shopping, I think we only have a gift card to buy and that's it. I'm so excited to be done.. Now I just wonder if the hubby will give me some time today to wrap some presents... hmm..

    Don't worry about the background. It's not a big deal. I got it lightened, so maybe it will be easier for you guys. :) I like the colors too.

  3. I give you so much credit for what you do. My step-mother died a couple of years ago and Hospice was amazing...thanks for doing what you do...even though it makes you drive a lot. You already know it's worth it to those you are helping.