Friday, November 7, 2008

Odds and Ends

This first picture is of a flower that I saw while on a field trip with my twin girls. We went to a nature center. At the center they were talking about how seeds travel, and the different types of seeds. I really loved the trip, except that I would have loved to have more time to actually look. Kinda hard to do while watching 5 8yr olds that only wanted to run around the labyrinth.

Any one tell me what kind of flower this is?

This picture is of my littlest helping to tear down my bathroom walls. Yes, all that wall is now down with this little ones help. Every day that little guy comes home from school, he begs me to bang more in the bathroom. He has done a great job ripping out walls, tearing up tile floors, cutting out plumbing. Is it wrong to let a 5 yr old do these types of times??? Then again, I did let this little one cut down a 20-30ft tree with an axe all by himself.

I like to save money where I can, even if that means letting the little ones do the labor, but is it wrong if they want to do it?


  1. that flower is beautiful

    I think it's fine to have him help if he wants to... now if you were forcing him then I may have more of an issue with it. at least he is old enough now to know that he can't just go and tear through the walls in the rest of the house too... now that wouldn't be good

  2. I have to think about that flower, it sure is pretty!
    Making my grnadson rip out walls- I know he is enjoying it!