Saturday, November 15, 2008

More Bathroom

As you can see, the bathroom remodel is still coming along. In order to get the tub out, I had to remove the toilet and sink. Tomorrow the tub will finally be gone! Hooray!!! As soon as the tub is gone, I can really get down to business. Out will come the rest of the walls around the tub, will be able to order the new shower base, install the new plumbing, install the new shower base, then the new walls. After the new walls go up, then it will take a little to get the new tile up. After the tile goes up, then the new walls in the rest of the bathroom. I plan on doing wainscoting, using bead board panelling. The nice thing about the wainscoting bead board is that it will cover where the old tile was removed (hides things and looks good). Then on to painting, flooring, and finally installing the sink and toilet, and maybe a new mirror and lights. It's called bathroom remodel on a budget of $2000 or less....can it be done? So far I have estimated the cost of supplies to be $1100. Yes, I think I can do it. Amazing how much money one saves by doing things themselves.....DIY Network does pay off.


  1. Great job! And you're right, if you can do it yourself, do it! I look forward to seeing pictures of the end product!

    Thanks for letting me know. :) I was just curious and you're right, they all got breast milk, so props for you for sticking with it!