Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Don't Do This At Home....

Here is a picture of my boys. This is one of my favorite pictures. It is so typical of them. They really love each other a lot, love to fight, wrestle, joke...being brothers.

Yesterday I had quite a scare, other than my oldest being sick. I was trying to wash my hands, but instead of getting a squirt of soap in my hands.....it went in my eyes. OUCH!!!! I immediately flushed my eye with loads of water. I called my eye doctor, and luckily they could see me right away. I am a little touchy about my eyes, see I had Lasik eye surgery about 1 yr ago. Even though I flushed the soap out of my eye, it was still burning and felt like there was something in it, and my eye was starting to swell. I got right into the doctor. They looked, and sure enough there was something wrong. It seems that the soap and flushing caused a minor corneal abrasion. The doctor said that it wasn't that bad, more like a carpet burn, but it was there. The doctor said it should heal very quickly, but it will hurt for a couple of days, but each day should be better. This morning it is feeling so much better, still stings, but nothing like it was.

My shower came is late last night, so off to Lowes to go pick up the base. Since I had such a terrible weekend, I am a little behind in the remodel, but will just need to pick things up this week....fun.


  1. Wow, that sucks about your eye, but at least it is feeling better today. :)

  2. Ah them some cute boys!
    hope your eye is ok and you can see ti finish that bathroom! just a yoke!

  3. That sounds horrible! Glad to hear it'll heal quickly...at least you don't have to wear a patch!

  4. I love my boys' silly roughhousing too. Until someone gets hurt, that is! ope your eye is better soon.

  5. Good fun there, with the boys. Not so fun with the eye thing though. Get well soon.