Thursday, October 23, 2008

Bathroom Remodel

As I start my blog journey, I start with my escapades of my new project in my wonderful ole house. To introduce, I must let you all know that I live in a grand 90yr old farmhouse. The little house is a mere 3000 sq feet. My mom calls it the Little House on the Prairie. This house has wonderful qualities, but with any old house, many issues. I love the great hardwood floors, the french doors, and all the old wood. The built in buffet, and ironing board (that is used more for cutting apples than ironing), a wood stove, and huge sunken garden tub.
Now with the issues, I have one bathroom that the tub leaks. The problem is with the drain, well, that is not the only problem. The other issue is that the faucets and drain are 50+ yrs old, and they do not make them any more, so they must be replaced. It would be nice if I could do a straight replacement, however, there are 5 faucets and the spicket is where the overflow drain should be. Whoever put it in did quite a terrible job. The tiling job is quite interesting. They glued the tile up. The best part is what is behind the tile, old plaster, but wait, there is somthing on the plaster, it looks like porceline. The fun part will be taking down all that old porceline covered plaster, then removing the wire mesh to get down to the studs. This morning I went to my favorite store, Ace Hardware, and bought a crowbar, started swinging the crowbar on the plaster. My 5 yr old was watching me and he had the best line, "Mom, you're crazy. You just put a hole in the wall." He then went on to tell me that if I put a hole in the wall, then it would be a mouse hole, for the mice to get in. Gotta love kids. He is having a great time helping, but then again, it is so much fun to destroy things.
Well, I will keep you all up to date on my wonderful escapades in the bathroom, and the rest of my life. Hope you keep reading.


  1. Single mom of 4? Oh boy, strength to you!

    Hey, I hope you're taking before and after pictures of the various projects. Those are fun to look at later.

  2. I am taking those pics, I will post soon.

  3. great start to a brand new blog good work so far!