Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Again? With more due on Monday.....HELP!!!

Yes, this is a standard 4 ft fence

 Might look like more of the same, but believe it or not, there is more there.  The storm has not ended, and we already have 20+ inches of fresh snow on top of the previous 30+ inches....Yes, we are talking a lot of snow.  We are buried in over 4ft of snow, with more scheduled to come on Monday.  There is no place to put all this snow.  Where do you put this amount of snow, when you plow?  Everyone here is saying to ship it to Canada for the Olympics, since they have a shortage. 
This year, Baltimore has had 72+ inches of snow, more than Cleveland or Buffalo....HELP!!!  Someone please come shovel me out!!!


  1. cute new header photo. Are you running out of food! lol Stay warm.

  2. Whoa! that is alot of snow. Have fun shoveling and stay warm.