Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Round 2

Over the next 12 hours, we are expecting another 10-20 inches of............SNOW!!!  I just can't believe it.  My kids and I were joking about it earlier today, we are all going to be walking around in snow tunnels.  We have 33 inches on the ground, and if 20 inches fall, that will leave 53 inches on the ground.  I guess all this snow is one sure way to spark the economy.  Think about it.  Who has been hit the hardest but landscapers and private contractor dump truck drivers?  Most of these hard working individuals have had little work all summer.  BOMB, a couple of good snow storms, and all the money they were out all summer is back in their pockets.  My uncle owns his own dump truck.  He has hardly worked for over a year.  He has made more this winter than all last year.  Moving and plowing snow.  Sure, Obama will get the credit for this.....but the one who should get the credit is Mother Nature.  A week or two of cold snowy weather is a small price to pay for thousands who will now have a good paycheck this winter.