Monday, April 20, 2009

Beauty Is All In How You Look At It

This may look like a huge mess to most people, but to me it is a beautiful site.

In the first picture, there used to be a 5-6 ft diameter tree stump and an entire tree lying all around. It was a huge disaster. As you can now see, the stump and tree is gone. Yea, the mud looks bad, but given that it was pouring here today, it is a welcomed site. A little grass seed and water and it will look wonderful.

The second picture is of the dreaded hill. It used to be a trench with a ton of brush and mounds of dirt. Now it is nicely graded mud bath. I'd rather see the mud bath to be honest. A little grass seed and it will be wonderful, just like when I first moved to this house.

It's all how you see things.


  1. wonderful. I can walk witout tripping, just slip and slide. But looks like will still be good sled area

  2. What kind of grass is good in your region? Around here, we mostly use a combination Rye/Fescue/Kentucky Blue. Kentucky Bluegrass is good, but I prefer a greener color. Rye reminds me of Crabgrass, so I don't like it. Fescue... that's the ticket. I like Fine Fescue (Creeping Red) the best. It has ultra thin blades and is very soft on bare feet.

  3. Thanks for the comment... No, I guess they don't do the fast one... but they did get the results back today (as she's doing better anyway), and they were negative... We're leaning towards her being allergic to the antibiotic she was on last week..

    Thanks about the scrapbooking.. I'm super excited now about it all, and it definitely makes up for the slight disappointment I had at the beginning.