Thursday, April 23, 2009

Nuttin Much

Nuttin much happening around here the last couple of days. Kids are in school and I've been back and forth to physical therapy. Today was supposed to be my last day of physical therapy, however, it looks like I need to go for another 3 weeks. The strength is not near what it should be, and I am still having a significant amount of pain (even though I did what I did this past weekend-it hurt while I was doing it). I wasn't supposed to go back to the doc until June, but my physical therapist and I both agree that something isn't quite right and I made an appointment for the morning. All I want is to be able to walk without discomfort. As it is right now, it feels like I'm walking on a nail in my joint, then the burn starts. I've had this surgery before, and by 6 weeks post surgery I was back to normal. It's been almost 6 weeks now and I am no where near normal.

Other than that, nothing much has been happening. Just the daily grind.


  1. I am sorry that you are still in pain. i hope that it subsides soon.

  2. I am so sorry to hear that... I hope it all works out and you can be your normal self again soon.. Good job on making an appointment.. This is not the type of thing you want to just be left alone..

  3. Oh, I hate to hear that. Not healing as it should, is it?

  4. OOO what can I say?? so will just have to go what with went into my head first. 'When will I get to normal??' Prettty relative isn't it?
    Hope it's better by the time I get there!
    You must think before you move stuff in the yard, Build, run after kiddos Teehee, just kidding-better quick!