Sunday, April 19, 2009

Soil Toil

Another busy day at the ole homestead today. As you can see the new beds are done, filled with homemade soil mix, and planted with lots of good ole veggies. Even have dinner ready to eat at anytime (gotta love a crock pot and pulled pork sandwiches).
So far for the weekend only 3 ticks were removed, with only 1 actually having attached. The worst part about the attacked tick was where it was attached, right under the fold of twin #2's ear. It came off without too much of a fuss. Here in the Northeast/Mid-Atlantic area, ticks are a huge deal. My oldest has had Lyme's twice, both were primary cases (not relapses, but actually 2 separate cases). My mom has had Lyme's, and when my oldest had his first case, my ex was also diagnosed with Lyme's just a few weeks after our son. In my kid's school (only 300 students), I know of at least 30 different kids with Lyme's. The only thing about this time of year I hate. Ticks are probably one of the reasons why I am cleaning up the yard, not to mention the great taste of home grown veggies.

In case you are wondering, the tall posts on the back of the beds are the trellis part of the beds. They are there to grow the watermelon, cucumbers, pumpkins, and bird house gourds up instead of out. I have been growing cucumbers up for the last couple of years, and it is so much easier. Not to mention that the entire cucumber actually turns green, not half green and half yellow (the sun-it do ripen fruit). Well, gotta go check for more ticks......FUN!


  1. Good job, child labor-what would you do without it?
    Hey can you come do my garden?

  2. Wow, very precise! I was learning about raisd bed gardening just today.

  3. I totally want a little garden in my backyard, but not this year...I will have to get some veggies from my parents garden. Great job!

  4. How awesome to be able to grow your own veggies!!

    Oh my gosh..I just read another blog where she found a tick in her daughters head. She said she almost threw up! Ugh..last week I had to deal with head lice!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The worst!

  5. I wondered if you cut the lumber yourself? Do you use power tools? They are a little intimdiating for me...Quite impressive!