Thursday, April 9, 2009

Spring Fever

This picture was taken on the front/side of my house. Today I had spring fever, and decided that it was time for the first lawn cutting of season. So, on top of cutting the grass, my kids and I removed a fallen tree from the front yard (actually, one that my youngest cut down with a hatchet last year), then we cleaned out some flower beds, mulched said flower beds, planted a few flowers (bleeding heart for one), then decided that weeding was needed in this flower bed. So, the girls and I weeded out this flower bed. I also planted a purple pincushion flower in this bed. All of this was completed before 3pm (mind you me and the kids also went out to breakfast and bought the flowers that I planted). Now my ankle is really hurting.

I can't wait for the weather to get even warmer and then my lavender, clematis, and black eyed susan's will be in bloom. Now, all I have to do is remove a dying cherry tree about 20 feet from this flower bed, buy and weeping flowering cherry and plant it in place of the dying tree. Nothing is ever done at this house. Next week I have a landscaper coming to grind an old 5 ft stump (5 ft diameter-very old tree that ice took out about 2 yrs ago), remove all the old wood, and grade a couple of small areas. I can't wait for them to come and finish that project, because then I can make a new flower bed where the tree stump will have resided. My kids love being outside and planting. I think that it just gives them an excuse to be outside and get dirty. After all, just the other day, my youngest and I were planting seeds, I know it's a little late for seeds, but better late than never-another excuse to play in dirt. The best part of doing all this dirty work, is getting into my new shower and having hot water run all over my body and splurging on a great smelling body sugar scrub. Yum!

I guess spring fever is in full force over here.


  1. I am still waiting for my three flowers to bloom over here. I do not have a green thumb, but appreciate all those of you that do.

  2. Glad your spring is so far along. Ours hasn't really started yet. But our flowers are trying to come up.
    Your background color makes it hard to read your print. This makes it hard for older bloggers to enjoy your blog.

  3. Glad to see you use your 'kid' power! They do love being out and gardening-come by it naturally I think! From the hillbilly side!

  4. No blooming here...I am waiting..patiently and I am a little jealous when I see color...all that is going on here is brown and crunchy!

  5. Eh, not as I would like them to be.. I will be selling 3 pages (have bids on 3 of them), and watchers on the other stuff.. Not sure why.. but Kevin is going to be getting my site together as soon as he can.. He has a client right now (making $70/hour) so I'm not pushing him to make my site... haha.. I think they will sell better though on my own site. :)