Friday, March 20, 2009

Coffee anyone? It'll be ready in 15mins

Since I have had my ankle surgery, my job allows me to continue to keep working and not need to take disability while my ankle heals. I know that I am real lucky, however, I hate 5am calls. There is nothing worse than being in your last hour of sleep and the phone rings. I take care of the issue, only to realize that I only have 30mins before I need to get up. Guess I better just make coffee and lunches. Hey, maybe I will surprise the kids and make pancakes for breakfast....but then again, I just caught my girls trying to sneak around into my mom's room. Ahh grandma will be so blessed.....3 grand babies and one dog in her bed....better her than me, that bed is only so big.


  1. Pancakes sound good to me. I hate being woken up anytime before the alarm...I never can get back to sleep. Ugh

  2. Yeh I hate being awakened too, however the grandkids are so special, they don't disturb me until time to get up. They just snuggle close so grandma can feel the love!