Sunday, March 22, 2009

Sunday Sickness

This has been one killer of a cold season. Today, my youngest woke with a fever and sore throat. While me, my mom, and the other 3 kiddos went to church, mu sister stayed home with the youngest. When we finally returned home, poor little Danny was lying in the bed with those big sad eyes almost crying. He felt as hot as a firecracker, and he cried every time he swallowed. I tried to give him a Popsicle to eat, but the poor fella cried with each bite saying it hurt too bad to swallow. Finally, my mom and I were able to get some Motrin into him, and he finally took something to drink. Now, he is running around outside with his big brother playing. It is so amazing to watch kids be sick. One minute they can be crying hysterical and only wanting mommy (or grandma) to console them, the next minute, they are running around. I know that he really is not feeling good, and his throat is beet red, and I suspect he has strep, but have to wait till the morning when I can get a doctor appointment for him.

Church was great this morning. We are having a revival week at church this week. Harold Vaughn is at the church for the week. If you are not familiar with him, his main ministry is church revivals. He goes around to different churches during their revivals. Today his sermon was on the importance of having God as you Saviour, and if you die today and face your maker, would you be prepared. I know of about 10 people in the second service who got saved. They is a major party in heaven today. Praise God, and am so excited about the next services.


  1. Sorry to hear about your! But, you're minute they're down and out, and the next minute they're acting normal!!

    What a blessing to hear about the people at church giving their lives to the Lord!!!

  2. Aww, that is so sad about your son. Poor guy. Motrin is a cure all though...for a while. Hypes my sick kiddos right up. LOL
    Hope he is better tomorrow.
    That is awesome about your church. God is so good!

  3. Your poor boy, but they do bounce back quickly, don't they?