Saturday, March 14, 2009

Thanks Mom

To hear my mom tell the story is a riot. 37 years ago today at 330am she was awoken with waves of nausea every 15 minutes. Being 2 weeks over due, and the size of the side of a barn, she decides to call the doctor, and tells my dad to go iron a shirt. The doctor tells her to go to the hospital to go get checked out. My mom and dad drive 20 miles on icy back roads to get to the hospital. All the while, my mom telling my dad to drive faster or the baby was going to come out on the floor of the car. My dad telling her that he is already going 70 mph and that he can't go faster. It must have been a riot to watch. They finally make it to the hospital, only to have a run in with the registration person trying to get insurance info, never mind, there she is in active labor trying not to give birth to me on the hospital floor. My mom is finally given a room and told by the nurse to relax. No checks were made, even though my mom kept telling the nurse to check her as she was having this baby. Finally, the nurse decides that the only way to shut my mom up would be to check her out. She lifts the sheet to see that my mom was crowning. They rush my mom to the delivery room, make my mom transfer from the hospital bed to the delivery bed (mind you, my head was half out by then. Not a minute after getting on the delivery bed, I was born and 6:30am. All 10lb 13.5oz of me.
Mom-thanks for putting up with my non-sense for all these years, and for having great stories like these to share. I know that I have been causing you grief for the last 37 years, and I will continue to give you grief.
Today, I will try to keep my foot up and relax, but only if we can go shopping a little first.
Hope you all have a great day-I plan on trying to have fun.


  1. What a great story. Happy Birthday to you Shannon! Have a great one! You were a big 11 pounds, you should be kind to your mom. LOL

  2. I can't imagine having a baby that big natural!! yikes. My girls were 8 pounds which I thought was large for me.

    Happy Birthday!!

  3. Aww, how sweet! What a great story! Happy birthday!!

  4. Happy Birthday Daughter dear! It was fun chatting with you about it last eve. Fun moments in time to chat about! Yes you have given me grief over the years, but I am truly blessed it wasn't more. WHen i talk with other parents I truly had wonderful children even if I had to lock them up in the utility room! Teehee